Professional hair and scalp diagnostic softwareThe first TrichoSciencePro © version 1.1 software was released in March of 2012. It incocporated diagnostic and analysis tools from the released since 2004 previous versions of TrichoScience © computer programs, while adding more relevant Trichology studies, as well as the fully upgraded software interface, diagnostic module and patient management system. As a result of a constant Software improvement, its first update in form of the TrichoSciencePro © version 1.2 has been released in March of 2013, next in form of the TrichoSciencePro © version 1.3 in January of 2014, next in form of the TrichoSciencePro © version 1.4 in September of 2015, next in form of the TrichoSciencePro © version 1.5 in November of 2016, and the last in form of the TrichoSciencePro © version 1.6 in December of 2018.

The latest and most tecnically advanced TrichoSciencePro © version 1.7 was released in August of 2020. It meets all rapidly increasing demands for a single software solution to perform and manage most specific clinical and non-clinical practice associated activities in Trichology.

The Program allows to perform a most complete Trichoscopy, Phototrichogram, Classic Trichogram, Trichometry, Scalp Dermatoscopy, Follicular Unit Analysis and other diagnostic sessions, allowing for virtually all hair and scalp diagnostic studies, available by today! Hair studies include density, diameters, lengths measurements in automatic, semiautomatic and manual modes, follicular unit, perifollicular sign counts and much more, while monitoring by infographics, charts and reports for Vellus and Terminal hairs, grouped by various thickness, quantities and ratios, their growth and shedding rates with an ability to compare various hair data calculations to average statistical data, depending on patient's hair racial variation, differentiate between Pattern and Effluvium losses, in females primarily, as well as enabling for detailed roots and shafts analyses, supported by an extended diagnostic image databases, etc. Scalp Dermatoscopy studies, beyond various disorder and disease analysis, supported by similar diagnostic image databases, extend in aiding to quite easily conclude on any scalp pigmented lesion suspiciousness, if occasionally have run into any during scalp scans, etc. Follicular Unit Analysis module is specifically designated exclusively for hair transplant surgeons needs to aid in calculating available follicular units and hairs counts, densities and diameters, recipient and donor scalp surface areas with a correction to applicable scalp curvature, numbers of grafts, available and in need to to achieve desired treatment results, etc.

While, besides an ability to most precisely "quantify" each patient and follow up on various treatment results, the Program enables for an efficient patient information management of all associated diagnostic imaging and various data files, in form of an outpatient cards, custom editable conclusions and recommendations, performed session details, specialty diagnostic test import, scheduling, etc.

The latest release of TrichoSciencePro © version 1.7 comes in three different editions - Special (SE), Standard (DE) and Basic (BE), which differ by a number of diagnostic and analytical tools offered.

Special Edition is the most complete and advanced version for most versatile professional medical use and scientific research goals, while Standard Edition primarily intended for a typical medical office use and Basic Edition intended for a nonmedical use and offering minimally required diagnostic tools for a reasonable price.

All TrichoSciencePro© software features and options are presented in detail at this web resource.